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Sasusaku Month day 26: Staying warm

I want the K. Rivamikaere


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10. Neck Kiss and 12. Chest Kiss (RivaMikaEre)
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It was all a blur when Mikasa suddenly found herself pulled into a room while taking her night patrol around the castle headquarters, stumbling into the hands that pulled her in. One of her wrists was yanked up and the other was fastened behind her back until she was pushed forward against a strong chest, tripping on her boots. Another weight pressed on her front, and a small exhale of warm breath on her nape made her shiver.

"What the—"

"Hold her tight, Eren." the familiar, very sultry voice made her gape in surprise, and the surprise escalated to shock when she realized that Eren was here as well.

"W-wait, Levi? Eren? What the fuck are you doing?” she spluttered, struggling from their holds.

"S-sorry Mikasa," through the regretful notion on Eren’s voice she noticed the hint of animosity—towards Levi, of course. Ever since this three-way relationship started, these two idiots started to become far too competitive with each other! Good god. "We just want to settle territories."

Territories?” Mikasa almost shrieked, jolting when the strap on her chest was unclasped, and her scarf was drawn away. “You bastards will pay for this…” she hissed, blushing.

"Oh?" she could practically hear Levi smirk. Shivers rose from her skin. She was very familiar with this voice. "I’d like to see you try, Mikasa. Hey, Eren," Mikasa gasped as his hands cupped her breasts, mischievously rolling them around his firm palms. "I’d like to say that these are mine."

"Yours? They’re mine, for your information.” Mikasa growled, but the two didn’t heed her, nor her blatant sass towards what Levi said.

Eren looked down through the dim lighting of the room and scowled, lips against her nape as Mikasa writhed with every spoken word.

"That’s not very fair, Levi."

"Too bad, so sad." Levi chuckled. "Hey, Mikasa, where do you want it? On both or all-over?"
Mikasa felt their each of their free arms wrap around her waist. Eren’s tightened around her more possessively. “I’m still here, Levi.” he grumbled against her ear, teeth drawing out to nibble on the shell.

"Ah, I apologize. I thought you were our personal bondage machine." the shorter man snickered, and Eren growled, low and irritated.

"Levi!" Mikasa chastised.

"Don’t get full of yourself." Eren huffed, moving releasing her wrist to move her hair away the same time Levi began to unbutton her shirt, firmly trapping her against Eren so she wouldn’t escape. Well, not that I want to. Who was she to complain when she had two fairly attractive, not to mention men who meant a whole lot to her, pressed against her like this?

A moan escaped her mouth as warm lips latched on her neck, and another pair descended on her chest, landing on her left breast, hands cupping the mounds in a firm grasp. They bit and licked, nibbling and sucking, leaving marks on the “claimed” spot that screamed "Mine." from the person that marked her.

Her hands flew up, through Eren’s hair, the other’s nails raking Levi’s neck. Eren shuddered, and Levi hummed. For someone both hostile to each other, they worked too well together against her. And, judging from the sudden hard pressure pressing on her front and back, Mikasa had to say she worked just fine for them too.

Christ, another batch of them love bites to hide. What a time to be alive. Perverts. 
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